Make Camping a breeze with 5 easy steps

I love camping and being outdoors. I always feel more connected and grounded in this world when I am spending copious amounts of time outside . It doesn’t matter where or when or what I am doing outside, as long as I am in and around nature (so the big city does not count for me as outdoors or nature). There are a number of scientific studies that say and prove that nature is great for us and our health, so no wonder I feel so darn good after being outdoors.
Back to camping, I am talking about car camping here with the family and friends, there is a lot that goes into planning, preparing, executing, and returning from camping. So here are my five tips and trick to make your next family camping trip Easy Peasy.

1. Make a list: my kids need a list so that I am not nagging them to make sure they have everything over and over again. I need a list to make sure I do not forget something like a can opener. My husband needs a list because he assumes that I will do it. So make a list for each person to do that way you are not stuck doing everything.

2. Meal Prep: Holy moly this was amazing this last camping trip. It made preparing food and clean up so very easy while camping. I was not stuck cleaning all the dishes or trying to find things to store left over food in. It does take a little extra work before and in the preparation for camping but it left me with more time to enjoy the trip and my free time. This is a must. I made breakfast burritos and wrapped them in tinfoil to be warmed up for breakfast. My husband smoked some hamburgers before as well to be warmed up there. I also made a pasta salad plus all the other easy snack food (nuts, chips, granola bars, etc).

3. Totes: They are so easy to pack things in. All the tents in one, sleeping bags in one, cooking in one, dry food in one, toys in one. This makes it easy to pack up to go, unload, and put away when done. It is camping gear so it doesn’t have to be nice and neat. Plus if it rains all your stuff stays dry and safe.

4. Fire Starters: Start by saving your toilet paper rolls and stuff them with lent from your dryer. You will always be able to get a fire started with these. Also save the dryer lent in a cardboard egg carton.

5. Forget your Phone: the point of camping is to get away from the day to day and enjoy nature and if you are always on your phone texting and reading emails then you are missing the point. This also goes for if you have teenagers, get them off of their phones, lock them up in the car, and connect with each other and the wilderness.

Plan your next camping trip with a little extra preparation to enjoy the trip and your time with your family and not cleaning and cooking. Making these five easy steps part of the camping pre-planning and prep to make your ideal camping trip a vacation rather than a chore. Opt Outside