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One easy thing to do everyday to be healthy

There are so many ways to be healthy.  It is complicated and hard to keep up.  Sometimes we have to drop things in our life to be healthy and that is the hardest thing to do (cut bad habits).  It is usually easier to add things to our life and not take them away.  By removing something it seems as though we are depriving ourselves of something, thus making adding much easier.  We always need more right?

So in my attempts at being healthy and keep it easy I have created one habit to start my day.  I feel that creating good morning habits is a great way to start an awesome day.  The better my morning goes the better my day is.  So I love to start my day with a glass of water with two drops of CTPG lemon essential oil.  By doing this I am able to hydrate my body after sleep, my cravings for unhealthy food is curbed, and by adding the lemon it helps balance my pH and supports the cleansing of my lymphatic system (a nice morning detox).

I love this because it is so easy, I am already thirsty in the morning, the CTPG lemon essential oil is so uplifting and refreshing that it also helps to wake me up.  It is so easy to keep my lemon water in a  tumbler cup, carry around, and have  a lid and is almost as good as a cup of coffee.


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